Westhampton Woods Subdivision

Q. Why are lawn care providers, contractors, political candidates and others not allowed to place signs in front of a resident's home?

A. The indentures state that no signs, advertisements, billboards or advertising structures of any kind may be erected, maintained or displayed on any Lot, except "Real Estate For Sale" signs not larger than 3 x 3 feet.

Q. Can I park my boat in the driveway?

A. Article VIII Restrictions in section 9 outlines the limitations related to trucks, trailers, campers, boats, etc. With exceptions for moving and construction vehicles, the maximum time for parking a truck, trailer or boat at a Westhampton Woods residence is 72 hours.

Q. Why is there a restriction on the placement of trash and recycle containers outside a residence the night prior to pick up?

A. Again, the indentures limit the placement of trash/recycle containers or trash bags in front of a residence to after sunrise on the pickup day and removal from the front of the residence by sundown on the same day. Overnight placement can lead to garbage or recycle items being strewn throughout the neighborhood by heavy winds, vandals or animals.

Q. Who decorates the front entrance on special patriotic holidays and seasonal holidays?

A. Most of the activities are completed by resident volunteers with the exception of the Christmas decorations which are mostly placed by a service provider selected by the trustees.

Q. Who is responsible for street and sidewalk repairs, and snow removal?

A. The City of Wildwood is responsible for all repairs and removal of snow. The snow removal may be performed by contractors working for the city.

Q. Who do I contact when the street light near my home is not working properly?

A. Ameren at 800-552-7583.